About Bingwa

Bingwa CoverBINGWA (Champion) Magazine is an informative, interactive and inspiring children's publication aimed at fighting corruption long term by building INTEGRITY in African children.

The magazine nurtures its readers into champions who value integrity with the long-term goal of fighting corruption. A source of information, advice and fun, the integrity message is passed across in an easy, conversational and appealing format.

Targeted at upper-primary school students (aged 8-13), Bingwa was first published in 2008 initially in 10,000 copies three times a year. From 2014, the magazine will be produced once a year with minimum 50,000 copies, (hopefully more depending of the support we can get from sponsors), to coincide with the "Day of the African Child" on June 16.

The magazine, distributed free to primary schools in Africa, beginning with Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Africa, is the only one of its kind. Our future goal is to publish over one million copies to reach children all over Africa. The record shows that each Bingwa magazine is read by over 100 children and has an extremely long shelf life.

VISION & MISSION: To guide, encourage and inspire the children of Africa to be Champions of INTEGRITY in order to fight corruption.

Donating Bingwa to schools

YOU can help Child Africa fight corruption by donating Bingwa to schools in Africa this way: Each issue of Bingwa costs € 2 printed and free delivered to a school and we give 10 copies to each school library = ONE SCHOOL DONATION therefore is € 20. It is up to you to donate Bingwa to as many schools as you can afford and Child Arica is grateful for every donation, donate here THANK YOU!